Newtownards District LOL no. 4

The governing body of 12 Orange lodges in Newtownards, County Down

Mill Street Heroes LOL 1908

Mill Street Heroes was originally formed in 1869 in No. 11 District. It has close associations with the Mill Street area of the town formerly sitting in Matilda Gill’s public house in the street.

12th July 2008

New Lecturers in LOL 1908

Two new Lecturers were inducted into the family from a class run by the District in 2006-07. Many months of dedication and patience resulted in Thompson Paden and Gareth Paden being presented with their certificates during the summer. Both men would assure any potential new recruits to Lecturing that there is much to gain from taking this class, not least the fellowship with other Brother Orangemen away from the usual lodge meeting.

Thompson Paden (left) and Gareth Paden receive their Lecturer’s certificates from District Lecturer Bro Andrew Pyper

Bannerette Dedication – July 2006

On 9th July 2006 brethren of LOL 1908 gathered with District officers and friends to dedicate a new Lodge bannerette in memory of four former members. They are W/Bro R Marshall, W/Bro T Paden, W/Bro H Magill and W/Bro W McIlroy. All four were former Masters of the Lodge, while W/Bro McIlroy held the post of District Master in recent years.

Why not join us?

Newtownards District consists of twelve lodges making up a membership of over 300. Each lodge holds a monthly meeting, where issues affecting the lodge are discussed. Though much of the business is of a formal nature, there is much social gathering between the members as well, at parades and other events which are organised throughout the year. If you would like to talk to someone about joining, contact us

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