Newtownards District LOL no. 4

The governing body of 12 Orange lodges in Newtownards, County Down

Our Lodges

Ulster’s Chosen Few LOL 111

Warrant No. 111 was first issued shortly after the formation of the Orange Institution in 1795 to a lodge in the Lisburn area.

Apprentice Boys LOL 128

The “Apprentice Boys” were one of the strongest lodges in the nineteenth century. Formed in the 1840s, one of its leading members was Viscount Castlereagh.

Rising Sons of William LOL 240

The origin of LOL 240 in Newtownards is shrouded in a small mystery that has not been explained to this day.

Temple of Loyalty LOL 481

The oldest lodge in No. 4 District possibly dating back to 1797 formerly met in James Frances’ Inn in Great Frances Street.

Boyne LOL 1054

Boyne LOL 1054 was formed some time during the 1820s. By 1831 when No 4 District Lodge (Ards) was formed the first District Master was James Boal of LOL 1054.

Greenwell Street LOL 1363

This lodge was formed in the 1830s but then disappeared during the 1850s, to be reformed in 1863 with Henry Shaw as its Worshipful Master.

Reformation Truth Defenders LOL 1521

Friday 27th January 2017 saw the newest lodge under the jurisdiction of the Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland formed as LOL 1521 became a member of Newtownards District.

Mill Street Heroes LOL 1908

Mill Street Heroes was originally formed in 1869 in No. 11 District. It has close associations with the Mill Street area of the town formerly sitting in Matilda Gill’s public house in the street.

Scarlet Crown LOL 1919

The lodge was formed in 1869 in No. 11 District as an off-shoot of LOL 111. In previous years the “Scarlet Crown” played a prominent role in local unionist politics and at one stage had five Unionist MPs as members.

Loughries True Blues LOL 1948

Formed in 1869 “Loughries True Blues” used to meet in the Greenwell Street area in a Bro. Graham’s house. James George was its first warrant holder.

Ex-Servicemen’s LOL 1952

Newtownards Ex-Servicemen LOL 1952 was formed on Monday 9th August 1948. The ceremony was conducted by Bro James Smyth, Worshipful Master of Newtownards District LOL No.4.

King George VI Memorial LOL 1973

LOL 1973 were formed in the town land of Craigantlet in 1952, as an offshoot from another nearby Lodge in Ballykeel.

Star of Ards JWLOL 47

WLOL 110

WLOL 164

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