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Newtownards District LOL no. 4

The governing body of 12 Orange lodges in Newtownards, County Down

Reformation Truth Defenders LOL 1521

Friday 27th January 2017 saw the newest lodge under the jurisdiction of the Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland formed as LOL 1521 became a member of Newtownards District.

Reformation Truth Defenders LOL 1521 held their inaugural meeting at Sloan’s House, Museum of Orange Heritage at Loughgall, County Armagh. Sloan’s House was where the first Orange warrants were issued following the Battle of the Diamond in September 1795.

members and visiting officers at the inaugural meeting

The Worshipful District Master of Newtownards District, Wor Bro Mark McDonald instituted the lodge and installed the lodge officers.

On behalf of Sloan’s House, the County Master of County Armagh Grand Orange Lodge, Wor Bro Denis Watson presented the lodge with a special certificate to mark the occasion. Afterwards, the County Secretary of County Armagh, Wor Bro Roger Gardiner conducted a tour of the museum.

LOL 1521 is the first lodge to be instituted in Newtownards District in 64 years. The new lodge sits at Craigantlet Orange Hall.

District Master Mark McDonald hands over the warrant to the lodge’s first Worshipful Master
Bro Denis Watson, County Grand Master of Armagh presents a special certificate to mark the opening of the lodge

12th July 2017

The members of Reformation Truth Defenders LOL 1521 met for their first 12th of July parade at Craigantlet Orange Hall. A short meeting was held before travelling to East Street, Newtownards, where they joined with Loughries True Blues LOL 1948 in a short parade around Newtownards to Mary Street.

At Mary Street, LOL 1521 joined with the other lodges of No 4 District to walk the streets of Newtownards before travelling to Bangor to take part in the North Down demonstration. Bright sunshine brought out large crowds to watch the parade in Bangor. The lodge would like to thank Loughries True Blues LOL 1948, William Strain William Lightbody Flute Band, and Craigantlet LOL 1973 for all their help in making the first 12th of July for LOL 1521 a great success.

New banner unfurling

On Friday 26 May 2017 Reformation Truth Defenders LOL 1521 dedicated their new banner at Martyr’s Memorial Free Presbyterian Church, Belfast.

The Worshipful Master of the lodge, Wor Bro David Gilmore, welcomed all to the service and Rev Ian Brown, the minister of Martyr’s Memorial led in prayer. The Scripture lesson was read by Wallace Thompson, secretary of the Evangelical Protestant Society.

WM Bro David Gibson addresses the gathering at the banner unfurling

The banner was dedicated by the Grand Chaplain of the Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland, Wor Bro Rev Ron Johnstone, who also dedicated new officers’ collarettes, assisted by the County Master of County Down Grand Orange Lodge, Wor Bro Sam Walker. Wor Bro Rev Johnstone spoke on why it is worth celebrating the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. The lodge chaplain, Wor Bro David Anderson, closed the service with prayer.

Following the service, Rev Ian Brown conducted a tour of the Reformation Exhibition at the church.

Why not join us?

Newtownards District consists of twelve lodges making up a membership of over 300. Each lodge holds a monthly meeting, where issues affecting the lodge are discussed. Though much of the business is of a formal nature, there is much social gathering between the members as well, at parades and other events which are organised throughout the year. If you would like to talk to someone about joining, contact us