Newtownards District LOL no. 4

The governing body of 12 Orange lodges in Newtownards, County Down

Star of Ards JWLOL 47

Junior Girls lodge dedicates bannerette

Star of Ards Junior Girls LOL 47 recently unfurled their very first lodge bannerette.

The dedication ceremony took place at the end of April in Mary Street Orange Hall and was conducted by the District’s lay-chaplain Bro Robert McCullough.

The bannerette is the first in the lodge’s history and partly funded by generous donations from within the District and beyond.

Why not join us?

The Junior Girls lodge has been inexistence in Newtownards for many years. Each lodge holds a monthly meeting, and takes part in local Orange parades as well as outings and other events which are organised throughout the year. If you would like to talk to someone about joining, contact us

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